Captain Doty Plush

The Original Niantic Explorer

San Francisco - Legend has it that the curious Captain never could sit still for long. After 35 years of discovery and adventure, circumnavigating the world at the helm of the good ship Niantic, befriending strangers at exotic festivals all over the globe, one might think that Doty (pronounced Do-tee) would simply retire - to a comfortable couch indoors, content to settle down in a life of leisure and relaxation, ordering in takeout and binge watching Netflix.

But Doty never was one to dawdle. And when rumors first surfaced of a sort of Second Life for Niantic, as a ship that would now take flight on a mission to find new realities and adventure, Doty would go again - this time with a crew of 35. This spirit of wanderlust called loudly to Doty - the original Niantic Explorer. It was as if the whole world were some sort of game; one that could only be won by those who move.

Comes in 2 incredibly fluffy sizes 7.5” or 15”.

The Captain Doty plush is made by Squishable with all the love and care you’ve come to expect from a Squishable product.

This plush is made and stuffed with polyester fibers.